David Johndrow in his Studio, Austin, Texas 2016
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About The Artist


            David Johndrow is a fine art photographer living in Austin, Texas.  After studying photography the University of Texas, he began shooting commercial work as well as pursuing his more personal fine art photography.

            David’s continuing series, Terrestrials, combines his passion for gardening and photography and features macro nature photographs of animals and plants that inhabit his garden. These photographs represent his attempt to give an iconic power and weight to beings that are small and seemingly insignificant. They are formal portraits in some ways, but because they are shot in their element, they have an immediacy and wildness that can't be captured in a studio.  To realize his vision, he prints with silver gelatin, gum bichromtate, platinum/palladium, and gumoil.

            His series, Blue Alembic, is composed of cyanotype photograms of glass objects which distill the photographic process to its fundamental essence (light, glass and paper) and in doing so reveals the simple but sublime details of ordinary objects.

            His work has been included in many exhibitions in the United States and in many international publications. His photographs are part of the , as well as in many private collections.